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1600 S. Monroe Street
Baltimore, MD  21230
Ph: (410) 962-5530    Fax: (410) 962-5534
    Corporate Gifting Options
Carefully Bred, Naturally Fed.
or your most valued employees, will
instantly realize how much you appreciate

Our delicious, naturally raised Roseda Beef
immediately stands out from the blur of
bland, ordinary gifts and incentives.

All of our business gifts are available in a
wide variety of convenient packages and
include everything from our signature
Steak Burgers, delightful roasts, to our
gourmet steaks.  You can also choose a
gift certificate and let your clients or
employees decide. Either way, Roseda
Beef is a gift they’ll savor.

If you have any other idea in mind, let us
know and we will make it happen!

To order a corporate gift package please
contact  410-962-5530 or email