Considered the most tender filet, it's cut from the thick end of the tenderloin. So imagine how tender a dry-aged Roseda filet will be. Our Filet Mignon weighs about 6 to 8 ounces each. Taste the peak of perfection!
1 Filet Mignon
A classic cut that's a long-time favorite of Roseda customers. Beautifully marbled, amazingly tender and dry-aged to perfection. These New York Strip Steaks weigh about 12 ounces each. Once you taste one, you'll be back for more.
1 New York Strip Steak (12 oz)
Premium Steaks
This cut of our New York Strip Steak is only slightly smaller and weighs approximately 10-12 oz.
1 New York Strip Steak (10-12 oz)
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    Premium Steaks
It's easy to mistake our flavorful, dry-aged sirloin for a fancier cut, because it tastes a lot more expensive than it is. It's the perfect "everyday" steak as an entree, or in a stew or salad. Our Center Cut Sirloin Steak weighs about 8 to 9 ounces.
1 Sirloin Steak - Center Cut
1 Boneless Ribeye Steak (14-16 oz)
1 Boneless Ribeye Steak (12-14 oz)
A luscious loin steak with a morsel of filet. It’s
sometimes called “the Porterhouse’s little brother,”
but it’s still plenty filling and delightfully flavorful.
Our T-Bone Steak weighs about 16 ounces.
T-Bone Steak