Steak Burgers & Hot Dogs
That inviting aroma sizzling up from the grill. That luscious,
juicy steak taste that floods your mouth from the very first
bite. This is no ordinary burger. They're delicious ground
steak from the same dry-aged beef as our gourmet steaks
and roasts.
4-6 oz Steak Burgers
12 Steak Burgers (6 oz each)
20 Steak Burgers (6 oz each)
4-8 oz Steak Burgers
1 lb Ground Beef
Our 1 lb package of ground beef is from our delicious steak burger blend. It is all dry aged and full of flavor.
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    Steakburgers & Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs
Our hot dogs are some of the best that you will ever eat. There are six to a pack and each pack weighs approximately 1 lb.
6 Packs of Hotdogs
12 Packs of Hotdogs
Sirloin Kabobs
Cut from our flavorful sirloin, these delightful morsels are a quick and easy hit at any summer function. Approximately 1 lb. per package.
4-7.5 oz Steak Burger
This bigger burger is the same diameter as our loved 6 oz. Steak Burger but it stands at an inch tall for an extra meaty bite.
12-8 oz Steak Burgers
Carefully Bred, Naturally Fed.